Report Reveals Thefts from Nursing Home Trust Funds

On January 9, 2014

An investigative report has found that many nursing homes are mishandling resident’s funds. USA Today found 1,500 cases where nursing homes were cited by state and federal regulators . . .

9 (Potential) Problems with Your Trust

On January 9, 2014

All trusts should be reviewed every few years to make sure that they are up-to-date with the law and meet your goals today. Following is a checklist of . . .

Medicare Part B Premium to Remain the Same for 2014

On December 4, 2013

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has announced the Medicare premiums, deductibles, and co-insurances for 2014. The big news is that thanks to what the administration says are the . . .

Two Common Elder Law Myths

On February 26, 2012

As seen in the Richmond Times Dispatch, February 26, 2012.

There are many common misconceptions regarding Medicare and Medicaid, including what it covers and when people become eligible.

Understanding these . . .