Fertility and Surrogacy Podcasts

Podcasts are everywhere these days and can be found on virtually any topic of interest. I find myself listening to them whenever I can, often in the car, while washing dishes or doing laundry and when taking walks in my neighborhood. And I find that the podcasts I enjoy the most are the ones that give you an opportunity to hear from regular people like us who are going through the same life experiences we are, whatever those may be. Listening to what others are going through and how they are managing life often can give you perspective on what you are going through, help you work through your thoughts and feelings, and sometimes even provide a potential solution that you had not previously considered. My clients have often expressed to me that experiencing infertility can not only be emotionally challenging but also isolating. Podcasts are one way to gain a sense of “not being in it alone” which can be both reassuring and deeply meaningful as you consider non-traditional methods of family building.

Below are some podcasts that aim to share information (and sometimes personal stories) of infertility or gestational surrogacy:

The Fertility Podcast:

Infertile AF:

Let’s Talk IVF:

The Birth Hour – A Birth Story Podcast:

Hope Works – A Surrogacy Podcast:


Surrogacy – A Family Frontier:

I hope that listening to podcasts like the ones listed will give you some needed information and perhaps remind you that you are not alone in your quest to grow your family. And if we can be of assistance on your journey, it would be our honor to do so.