How can I be sure that my doctor knows that I’ve named someone to make life and death decisions for me?

On September 27, 2011

The elder lawyers at ThompsonMcMullan want you to know.

The answer is the brand spanking new Virginia Advance Health Care Directive Registry. The Registry is open to any Virginia resident and will allow you to post in a completely secure, private site your advance directives and other important legal documents.

You can send an email from the site that grants access to your doctors, family members, and friends to look at the documents.

If you don’t have an advance directive, you can create, sign, and post the Virginia standard documents from the startup screen,

Once you create the account, you can add and remove documents at any point simply by logging on.

If you have any questions about the law, call us. If you have questions about the registry process, which is completely free, email the registry at, or call their toll free number, 800-332-4463.

Your family will be glad you did.