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Be invested.

It’s rule No. 1 for the attorneys of our Adoptions practice. While we understand the legal side of the adoption process and work hard to ensure our clients are protected, we are just as interested in our clients’ well-being and stand at their side through what will, more often than not, be a time-intensive, emotional process. We never forget that another term for attorney is “counselor.”

Since the firm’s beginnings, we have had the privilege of assisting children and families navigate Virginia’s statutory adoption process. In fact, members of our practice have experienced the gift of adoption in their own families, and understand the challenges families face in the process, which sometimes requires overcoming stumbling blocks to achieve our client’s goal of starting or expanding their family. We have the expertise necessary to guide our clients through the process start to finish, from termination of parental rights through the finalization process.

Our attorneys represent adoptive parents – individuals, heterosexual couples, and same-sex couples — birth parents, and adoption agencies. In fact, we have long-standing relationships with Virginia adoption agencies and have assisted in the finalization of hundreds of adoptions in the Richmond area and throughout the Commonwealth.

We also have significant experience with contested adoptions – when the birth parent or parents object to the adoption – and are well-versed in navigating these proceedings.

Our Adoption practice offers:

  • Parental placement adoptions (also known as private adoption) which involve a birth parent choosing the adoptive parent or parents directly
  • Agency adoptions, which may or may not involve direct contact between the birth parents and adoptive parents where the birth parent enters into an agreement with an adoption agency, and the agency places the child with adoptive parents
  • Department of Social Services adoptions
  • Step-parent adoptions, occurring when a parent desires for his or her child to be adopted by his or her spouse
  • Close-relative adoptions, involving adoption by the child’s grandparents, great-grandparents, adult aunts or uncles, adult great-aunts or great-uncles or adult nieces, nephews, or siblings of the adoptee
  • International adoptions (including re-adoption), which are agency adoptions where the adoptive child is being adopted from a foreign country
  • Adult adoptions, establishing an adoption relationship between adults with a prior relationship

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