Workbook Provides All-In-One Space for Important Legal- Personal- and Financial Information

If something were to happen to you- does your family know where to find your important documents or know what your final preferences and wishes are? The What if . . . Workbook gives you the ability to help your family by putting all that information in one location.

Gwen Morgan created the workbook after struggling to determine her mother’s wishes when her mother became incapacitated. She realized how difficult it is for grieving family members to find the important legal- personal- and financial information needed to handle financial and healthcare matters and make final arrangements.

The workbook provides space to record all of your personal information- family medical history- and people to contact if something were to happen to you. In addition- you can provide details about your assets and insurance as well as mortgage and loan information. You can also use the workbook to list where you keep your estate planning and other important financial documents. Finally- the workbook allows you to explain in detail your wishes regarding your final arrangements- including burial or cremation wishes and funeral preferences. There is also space to write an obituary as well as provide a final message to loved ones.

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