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Intellectual Property

Protecting our clients’ intellectual assets in the marketplace to maximize their value.


Without the most rigorous safeguarding, we know that our clients’ unique creations can lose their worth and undo the hard work and resources that went into making them. We collaborate closely with our clients in a range of industries to align their legal needs with their business goals in the protection of their intellectual property – starting with establishing ownership of that property and then assisting them when a third party infringes on the protections that ownership provides.

Our IP-related work touches on everything from technology transactions to copyrights and trademarks. In addition to protecting their own assets, we counsel clients to ensure that they take the necessary steps to avoid breaching the intellectual property of others, such as during the selection of trademarks. When someone claims that our client has infringed on their intellectual property, we also have the experience and expertise to provide a meticulous defense on a variety of fronts.


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