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Business Transactions, Corporate and Real Estate

We advise companies, firms, real estate developers and individuals on a variety of transactions.


At the heart of every healthy community and thriving economy, you will find carefully structured legal transactions. Business deals help organizations expand, and create jobs that support individuals, families, and future generations. Real estate transactions are key to the creation of office spaces, family homes, business districts, and increasing the value of land and buildings in the community.

Our attorneys advise Virginia’s small, closely held and middle-market companies, professional services firms, real estate developers and entities, and individuals on a wide variety of transactions. In addition, we help entrepreneurs form companies, assist small businesses in properly structuring their contracts, and can protect the intellectual property of a brand’s innovative and creative assets. We also represent clients with tax disputes before the Internal Revenue Service and Virginia Department of Taxation.

At the center of these deals is the most important element: People. Owners. Entrepreneurs. Risk-takers. Women and men who have turned a personal passion into a professional journey. And their families, too. Whoever said you shouldn’t take business personally hasn’t met our clients, because for them and us, it’s all one in the same. And there is no higher honor for us than to build their trust and keep it along their journey.


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