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Contract Drafting, Review, and Negotiation


There is risk in every business agreement, and as business owners, our clients understand and have a certain level of tolerance for it. But legal documents contain sometimes significant repercussions that, if projects, work-scopes, or deals falter, can have real-world implications for individuals and organizations. Spotting issues up front can save on far larger problems – and costs – down the road.

There is no shortage of legal needs for a company – and one of our daily, ongoing demands of our clients is for us to review, negotiate, and write legal contracts. We help entrepreneurs and executives across all industries understand their risk, and ensure they fully grasp the contents of the documents they may plan to sign. When creating contracts, we believe ensuring documents are fair and reasonable and allow businesses to focus on the business at hand, not become mired in legalese. It is important, as we say, not to “over-lawyer” and provide practical, real-world advice.

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