You Can Pay Your Medicare Premiums Online

Online bill paying has become a popular way to make paying bills easier- and now you can pay your Medicare premiums online too. If your bank allows customers to pay bills online- you can use that service to pay your Medicare premiums.

To set up online bill paying- contact your bank. To make sure your bank processes your premium payments correctly- you’ll need to give the bank this information:

  1. The amount of your Medicare premium
  2. Your account number- which is your Medicare number without dashes (this number is on your red- white- and blue Medicare card)
  3. The biller’s name: CMS Medicare Insurance
  4. The biller’s address: Medicare Premium Collection Center- P.O. Box 790355- St. Louis- MO 63179-0355

The charges will appear on your bank statement as CMS Medicare. Remember that when your premium changes — usually in January — you will need to update the bank with the new premium amount.

Medicare does not charge a fee for paying bills online- but some banks do charge for online bill paying.

For more information- visit Medicare’s online bill payment page.

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