Firm History

John Thompson and Grice McMullan founded what is now ThompsonMcMullan over 40 years ago in a small office building on Foushee Street in Richmond, Virginia. Even then, both founding members focused their efforts on building a strong and successful law firm that focused on solving the business needs and legal issues of their clients.

In 1975, the firm outgrew its space, and moved to 13 E. Franklin Street. Many of the attorneys who joined in the early days of the firm are still here today, including the current firm president and managing director, Chris Malone.

Although the firm was initially small in size, the legal talent within was carefully cultivated so that ThompsonMcMullan could stand toe-to-toe in its respective practice areas with any firm in Virginia.

In 1985, the firm relocated to its current address in historic Shockoe Slip.

John and Grice built a distinct firm culture that is still strong to this day. By taking a keen interest in the complex aspects of its clients’ businesses, the firm built a reputation based on client service, with an emphasis on creativity, integrity and high-quality legal product. John and Grice instilled a sense of loyalty in the firm, among clients, staff and their families.

Today, the firm has grown to over 30 attorneys in 20 different practice areas, and John and Grice’s vision is still a driving force. For over 40 years, ThompsonMcMullan has been dedicated to giving superior and personal service to its clients.