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USPTO Reducing Electronic Filing Fees

It is about to get a little cheaper to register or renew a trademark at the federal level, provided you do it electronically.  Last month, the USPTO announced a reduction in trademark fees for applications and renewal in the Federal Register.  The full information can be seen at this link.

Beginning January 17, 2015, the fees for an electronic trademark application in one class are being reduced by $50, from $325 to $275 (or from $275 to $225 for a TEAS application).  The fee associated with a renewal application for a trademark in one class will also be reduced, but by $100 (from $400 to $300).  Although these reductions are not likely to be determinative of whether one elects to register a mark, they further lower the costs for formalizing rights in a trademark at the federal level.  If you have not taken the steps to register a trademark this may be the time to do so.

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