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Complex Hospital and Facility Discharge Management


Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities occasionally must contend with challenging issues related to the discharge of incapacitated adults, such as those who have dementia-related illnesses or serious psychiatric disorders. In those cases, we create innovative and efficient solutions to help reach a satisfactory conclusion to the issue for both the patient or resident and the institution.

The reasons for discharge are varied. A hospital, for instance, may have a patient who no longer has a medical reason to be a patient but who does not have somewhere to go or someone to care for them. A nursing home, on the other hand, may have a resident who can longer pay but who needs care. We have a wealth of experience managing these cases to either guide an effective discharge that also leads to proper care and residence for the incapacitated adult or working to help secure their access to long-term care benefits, particularly Medicaid, so they can pay an institution to remain there. In some instances, we serve as court-appointed guardian or conservator for the individual to guide the process effectively for all parties.

Our Complex Hospital and Facility Discharge Management practice includes:

  • Creating solutions to complex discharge circumstances for incapacitated adults at hospitals, nursing homes and assisted care facilities
  • Serving as court-appointed guardian and conservator in appropriate cases
  • Protecting the rights of nursing home residents
  • Helping incapacitated adults secure access to long-term care benefits

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