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Defense of Unemployment Claims


In various instances, employers are rightfully positioned to challenge unemployment claims from former employees. While many are eligible for these benefits, individuals terminated for serious misconduct or voluntary resignation often lack grounds to file a claim. We help employers who decide to challenge those former workers’ access to unemployment benefits.

Even if the circumstances of a former employee’s departure give a business the option to contest a claim, it may not always be in the employer’s best interests to proceed. Our team helps clients assess the viability and merits of defending against unemployment claims. Challenging a claim often stems from employers’ needs to mitigate potential increases in state unemployment taxes, which are based on the claims made by ex-employees, or because the employer is concerned their ex-worker may plan to file a wrongful termination suit against them and want to discourage that choice. Our expertise in unemployment legal defense involves crafting robust cases, focusing on all possible disqualifiers, and demonstrating to the state unemployment office the reasons for an ex-employee’s ineligibility.

Our Defense of Unemployment Claims practice includes:

  • Gather evidence from former employees and witnesses and formulate a challenge of an unemployment claim
  • Represent businesses at local and state unemployment hearings and appeals

Experienced, Trusted Unemployment Legal Defense in Richmond, VA

We are dedicated to guiding businesses through the complexities of unemployment legal defense. If your organization faces an unemployment case and requires strategic defense, contact us today to ensure your interests are effectively represented


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