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Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning


The world of Medicaid is rife with misinformation and confusion, but Medicaid also is an essential component of long-term planning and financial health for many American families – and therefore perilous to take for granted.

We provide our clients with Medicaid planning guidance to help them prepare for the complex issues that often come with aging or disability, especially the high costs associated with long-term care. Without adequate planning and preparation, those costs can be catastrophic for the elderly, those with disabilities, and their families. Costs can grow especially high when someone suffers from a condition that requires specialized care, such as in the case of those with Alzheimer’s, ALS or a traumatic brain injury.

We help clients prepare for their Medicaid application through astute financial and legal planning and the collection and preparation of documents, guiding clients as they navigate the web of eligibility requirements tied to the program. A myriad of technical errors can lead to denial of benefits, and we make sure our clients are not tripped up by them. As a component of this, we help our clients evaluate their assets and determine if a trust or other financial vehicle makes sense for their long-term planning needs. Clients can range from couples preparing for their long-term care needs to parents who want to plan their inheritance to ensure that their child with a disability is able to continue to access Medicaid benefits.

Through successful Medicaid planning, we not only help our clients contend with the costs of long-term care but we help ensure that they receive the care they deserve. Proper planning also prevents the costs of long-term care from bleeding into other family members’ financial obligations and hindering their quality of life, helping to avoid, for example, the negative inheritance effect that occurs when adult children need to help pay for their parents’ care.

Our Medicaid and Long-Term Planning practice includes:

  • Evaluating and establishing financial eligibility for public assistance benefits, such as Medicaid, to help pay for long-term health care
  • Helping to collect and prepare documents for Medicaid application
  • Establishing trusts to help fund long-term care needs or to distribute assets to loved ones
  • Establishing a guardian or conservator to properly manage a loved one’s finances and medical care

Medicaid Planning Attorneys in Richmond, VA

Take control of your long-term planning and secure the financial well-being of your family by consulting our experienced Medicaid planning team. With our in-depth knowledge and meticulous approach, we will guide you through the complexities of the Medicaid application process and help protect your assets. Contact us today to start preparing for a secure future and ensure that you and your loved ones receive the care you deserve. 


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