John O’Herron Quoted as Appellate Expert in Law360 Journal Article

Appellate Practices Need Workhorses and Show Ponies“, written by Jess Krochtengel and published in Law360, addresses the work of appellate attorneys and their affinity for brief writing and the preservation of legal error. ThompsonMcMullan’s John O’Herron was quoted in the article as the leader of our appellate practice.¬†Below is an excerpt from the piece depicting John’s contribution:

“There are a lot of somewhat tedious tasks that go into and are necessary for success on appeal,” said John O’Herron of ThompsonMcMullan, P.C.

O’Herron, who primarily practices in the Fourth Circuit and Virginia state appellate courts, said he enjoys the mix of the smaller, more mundane work and the “big, fun stuff.”

“The sort of nerd lens that appellate lawyers love doing and applying works with both, which is why I think I like both of them,” he said. “Ironing out those details so you can have all the ducks in a row behind the scenes allows you to then have the much more fun stuff, which is writing an awesome brief or doing an oral argument. They go in tandem.”