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Employment Agreements


When a business hires a new employee, the relationship typically begins with optimism and a focus on the rich possibilities of what lies ahead. However, the relationships do not always meet expectations and thorny problems can emerge. Employment agreements are a critical way for employers to define and clarify the details of employment and to prepare for all possible scenarios in their relationships with an employee.

Employees increasingly are making legal claims against their employers or former employers based on cited contract rights in instances of termination and discipline. As a result, the preparation of employment agreements that protect employers from legal exposure are crucial for businesses. Agreements specify such fundamental issues as compensation, benefits, job responsibilities, severance packages and possible causes for termination. Depending on the particular issue, some agreements are fairly simple. Others may need to be detailed and very specific.

At ThompsonMcMullan, our employment attorneys have extensive experience drafting agreements that comprehensively protect an employer’s interests, and we stay attuned to developments in the law that can affect key nuances in the language used in agreements. We also work with clients to negotiate agreements with their employees at the time of hiring or after their employment has begun.

Employment Agreement Attorneys in Richmond, VA

In light of the ever-evolving legal landscape and the complexities of employment relationships, safeguarding your business’s future is imperative. ThompsonMcMullan employment attorneys stand ready to prepare and defend employment agreements that robustly protect your interests and adapt to legal changes. Whether you are newly hiring or looking to renegotiate terms with current employees, we are Richmond, VA’s trusted employment agreement attorneys. Contact our team today.


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