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Preparation of Employee Handbooks, Policies, and Service Agreements


The development of essential materials and policies that establish the rules and practices of a workplace play an important role in bringing clarity to the expectations that an employer has for its employees and contractors.

Through the development of employee handbooks, policies, and service agreements, ThompsonMcMullan helps employers define their culture, mission, and values and educate workers about what to expect from management. This ensures a proactive approach to workplace issues that uses foresight to anticipate and prevent potential problems.

Clear, consistent communication is the hallmark of any workplace, and building and maintaining materials that introduce employees to a workplace and provide a reference point for them throughout their employment is a core component of ensuring that clarity. Employee handbooks and policies provide guidance on everything from benefits and leave policies to harassment and acceptable use of technology. They also establish employers’ compliance with federal and state laws and provide defense when employees make claims. These materials and employee policies provide a clear path for who to contact and how when they have issues in the workplace, need help on a matter or have observed behavior that they believe needs to be reported.

Businesses use service agreements when they contract with a consultant or other contractor for a fixed service. Agreements detail such key components as deadlines, deliverables, and payment agreements and ensure that both sides are on the same page at the outset of a relationship so that there will be no confusion or disagreement about the particulars of the work partnership.

Our Preparation of Workplace Handbooks, Policies, and Service Agreements practice includes:

  • Development of employee handbooks, policy manuals and service agreements
  • Review of existing policies and employee handbooks for vulnerabilities and critical gaps

Legal Preparation of Employee Handbooks and Policies in Richmond, VA

The creation of clear, comprehensive employee handbooks, policies, and service agreements is not just a procedural necessity, it’s a strategic asset. Whether you’re establishing new guidelines or refining existing ones, our attorneys are dedicated to fostering a transparent, well-informed workplace that preemptively addresses challenges and nurtures a positive work environment. Contact our team today to lay the foundations of organizational success.


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