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Renewable Energy


Renewable energy suppliers and customers seeking options to reduce their carbon footprint rely on our legal expertise. Our renewable energy attorneys are well-versed in Virginia State Corporation Commission regulations and in the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), which passed in 2020 with the goal of making the Commonwealth the first Southern state to have 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

Our clients include renewable generation companies such as independent third party solar developers. We help them navigate the regulations and approvals necessary for their projects and negotiate contracts with the utility companies required to bring renewable energy to end-users. We also assist with PJM interconnection and transmission and distribution interconnection with local utilities.

Our team provides legal counsel for all matters related to renewable energy certificates, purchases, and agreements. We advise regarding net metering (selling excess renewable energy to utilities), Virginia’s purchased power agreement (PPA) pilot, micro grids, virtual PPAs, options for renewable energy certificates (RECs) purchases, community solar options such multi-family and shared solar offerings, energy storage regulations, solar siting agreements, and energy storage siting agreements.

Our energy team includes a LEED® Accredited Professional who also serves as Chair of the Virginia Renewable Energy Alliance and, due to being appointed by two Gubernatorial administrations, as Chair of the Virginia Solar Energy Development and Energy Storage Association.  The energy team consults with our firm colleagues in real estate, financing, taxation, construction, litigation, and intellectual property matters to develop strategies and achieve goals for our clients.

Our Renewable Supply practice includes:

  • Licensing shared solar and multi-family solar subscriber organizations that seek to offer community solar
  • Participating in an SCC task force addressing energy storage regulations
  • Participating in SCC proceedings implementing the VCEA to lower the amount of non-bypassable charges imposed on customers purchasing competitive renewable supply
  • Negotiating solar siting agreements and energy storage siting agreements

As Richmond’s trusted renewable energy legal team, we are here to help. We can navigate the various challenges and opportunities presented by the renewable energy industry. Whether you’re a renewable energy supplier looking to navigate Virginia state energy regulations or you’re looking for help negotiating energy agreements, our team has the experience and commitment to deliver results. Contact us today for a consultation.


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