Intellectual Property

ThompsonMcMullan is experienced in litigating intellectual property matters, primarily in federal courts. We have successfully obtained and defeated preliminary injunction motions in copyright infringement litigation. We also have substantial experience in the following types of intellectual property matters:

  • Trademarks – counseling clients on trademark selection and protection; infringement analysis; obtaining federal and state trademark registrations; and, counseling on trade dress and unfair competition (including false advertising) issues.
  • Copyrights – counseling clients on securing copyright protection; asserting and defending claims of copyright infringement; analyzing the copyrightability of computer software; and, securing copyright registrations.
  • Trade secrets – counseling clients and their employees on trade secret protection, including employee and workplace policies; drafting and reviewing confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements and non-solicitation agreements; and, representing both employers and employees in trade secret issues that arise from employment termination.
  • Licenses – drafting and negotiating license agreements on behalf of both licensors and licensees for trademarks, copyrights, patents, patent applications, and unpatented technology, including software and biotechnology products, and, developing and executing programs for exploiting patent rights and technology by granting royalty-bearing license agreements.
  • Internet-domain name disputes including UDRPs; website terms and conditions; privacy policies; and, data breach.