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When Estate Plans and Shareholder Agreements Collide

By on December 8, 2014

The Virginia Supreme Court recently provided a reminder of the importance for small business owners to coordinate their estate plan with a shareholder agreement or other corporation, partnership, or limited liability company agreements. In Jimenez v. Corr, 2014 Va. LEXIS 153 (Oct. 31, 2014), the Court addressed whether the disposition at death of the shareholder’s […]

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For-Profit Companies Find Religion – What’s a Transactional Lawyer to Do?

By on July 29, 2014

Last month, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Hobby Lobby case that closely held for-profit corporations can have “free exercise rights” as “persons” under The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (“RFRA”), stating, “…protecting the free-exercise rights of corporations like Hobby Lobby, Conestoga, and Mardel protects the religious liberty of the humans who […]

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ABA Survey of Virginia State Law of Guaranties

By on March 20, 2013

As seen in: the ABA Business Law Section Introductory Note: In order to standardize our discussion of the law of guaranties, we use the following vocabulary to refer to the various parties to a guaranty and their obligations. “Guarantor” means a person who, by contract, agrees to satisfy an underlying obligation of the primary obligor to […]

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